It's happening...I have chick FEVER!


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Oct 6, 2011
I have chick fever, heres the problem, I have bad luck with shipped eggs, TWO empty incubators, 11 hens and NO rooster! and since it's January no feed store chickies!

so anyone else "afflicted"?
I've promised myself - and my husband! - no new chicks till the spring after this one, and yet here I am looking at the baby chick thread! For sure you're not alone
Yesss I've got chick fever really bad! I have to wait till May before I can get some ordered from a hatchery. I can't wait!
Well for me I've just downgraded my flock by over half went from 7 ducks to 4, and 40 chickens to 11.... soo the pen seems so lonely....

and the plan was to only keep birds of my favorite breeds, brahma and buff orpington, and a few of my favored hens I couldn't part the plan is altering to I need MORE brahmas and orpingtons!
Yes. yes I do. In fact, I just picked up 3 more chicks yesterday to add to my already 3 1/2 week old chicks, 3 1/2 week old meat bird chicks, and 6 1/2 week old chicks.
AND I just got a new incubator...
I have the worst wanting of chicks! This proves that even seventh graders can get chick fever. The guy at the store said for my mum to call around the 30th to see if he can get any for us. Noooooo! I will die without some chickies!
I have chicken fever! My hunny is just laughing at me cuz my chicks don't ship till march and here I am on the forum all the time and talking daily about new things I learn. I bet he can't wait till I shut up talking about chickens.
Nope, your not the only one! and BTW.. the only reason i'm not hatching my own is cuz i'm afraid of the opposite - that i'll get 11 roosters and no hens!

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