It's hatching day!!


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OK I've managed to keep my hand out of the cookie jar so to speak the last few days, which was not easy considering all 5 of my ducklings had pipped interally about 3 1/2 days ago..but I kept myself busy and I think it was the best decision because I was woken up all night long with peeps and strong tapping (neither of which have I heard yet). So now the big day is here and I plan to spend it glued to the window of my incubator
Wish me luck!
3 and a half days is a long time between internal pip and external pip.. Have they cracked through the shell yet?? Good luck !! will be a long day for you...but well worth the wait after so long alrady.
I know that it is a long time and believe me I have been fretting about it... they haven't broken the shell yet and I was planning on making a hole this AM if they hadn't yet but since I could hear peeping last night I figured I would wait until around noon....what do you think? The more time passes the more I struggle with the decision
Have you been measuring the humidity at all? If they only pipped internally yesterday - I wouldnt worry- but they should have progressed by now. What kind of incubator are you using?
Yes the humidty is at 80-85%. The last time I candled them (day 25 just before lock down) they had pipped and they've been pretty active ever since. It's a still air Little Giant. I've been following the post from yesteray where they were pretty much in the same fix and I'm curious to see how they're doing...might help me feel better about helping them, I'm just so worried about doing more harm than good.
Yours sound a lot more active than the other ones- which is a really good sign. It cant hurt then to put a small breathing hole in when done carefully- but peeling the shell- or the membrane- thats where things get tricky. In most cases- even when shrink wrapped- if the membrane is kept moist the duckling will hatch in its own time without assistance. I have known of many people who try to get a duckling out too early - and rip the membrane causing a bleed.

You have done well so far... If they havent pipped externally though, it may not be today they will hatch as it takes about 24 hours after the pip brfore they start to turn and unzip the egg.
Thank you for your help! I think I'll go ahead and make an airhole but leave it at that for now, atleast that'll put some ease in my mind as far a oxygen is concerned

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