Its Here!!!! It's Here!!!!! It's Here!!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by jeaucamom, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. jeaucamom

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Ophir, CA
    My Hova 1588 came and it is humming away on the kitchen table holding steady temps. We found water wigglers today but I haven't found the accurite yet and we have looked everywhere. Maybe I will order one online. Anyway....

    Question..... With the egg turner, it is impossible to tell where the water trough is and how full it is. I think I read something about coloring the water, but I was afraid it might damage the egg shells? How do you all deal with adding water when the humidity gets low?

    And most importantly What is too low for humidity, when do you add the water?

    [​IMG] Eggs don't come until 1/14/08, after the move. I have EE, Black Australorp and Welsummers coming. I couldn't find partridge rocks but that is okay. I am totally drooling with anticipation. And I have officially made it onto two Wheaton Marans waiting lists. I would really like to specialize in these.
  2. hypnofrogstevie

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Newton NJ
    Wish I could help with some info but just wanted to say that its awesome you got yourself a bator!
  3. speckledhen

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    Did your Hova come with a plastic water tray? Take it out and turn it upside down. Use magic markers to color the underside of the water reservoirs in the plastic tray. That's what I did. You'll still need a flashlight probably to see the color through the egg turner, but it works.
  4. jeaucamom

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Ophir, CA
    Great idea!!!!

    So what level of humidity do I add more water and how often on average do you have to do it over the coarse of a hatch??
  5. seminolewind

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    Sep 6, 2007
    spring hill, florida
    Hi, I keep my humidity at 45 to 50, and the last three days 65 to 70. The magic marker sounds good. Someone on here also put a plastic flexible tube with a syringe on the end, and the tube rests in the water tray.
  6. lizardz

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Grass Valley, CA
    Hey Suz,
    Congratulations! How exciting to have it in your hot little hands! Now just a move to get through before you can put it into use, and then --- cute little baby chickies that you'll have to post all kinds of pictures for us to see!
    Coffee next week sometime? Give me a call.
  7. Poison Ivy

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    May 2, 2007
    Naples, Florida
    I colored the under side of mine two different colors and then measured how much water it took to fill each tray. I can see the colors great through the turner and not had a problem since.

  8. peeps7

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    Aug 26, 2007
    North Carolina
    YAY!!!! [​IMG]
  9. seismic wonder2

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    Feb 3, 2007
    san diego ca
    Picture this, If I can explain it well enough.

    take a piece of cork like from a wine or champagne bottle.
    stick a pin/needlt/toothpick etc.. in it. float it in the water and mark it with a pen at high water.

    pour out the water and mark low water mark.

    to help steady it qand keep it upright, wedge a length of soda straw in the wire mesh and put the toothpick inside it.

    varla! super simple water guage.
    (as long as everything is level)
  10. okiechick57

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Suz got a bator YEAH YEAH YEAH you are now an official chicken crazie mom [​IMG]

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