It's offical I am the worst Hatcher

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11 Years
Jan 1, 2009
OK i am the worst hatcher!!!!

I was using the little giant still air with turner..
1st Hatch=1 chick
2nd hatch=1chick
3rd hath=2chicks and abot 3 pips but no hatch
So I bought little giant with fan hoping to inprove my hatching..
1st hatch=1 chick
So the chicks that where suppose to hatch today 1 hatched yesterday a whole day early and then nothing else.. I guess tomorrow I will crack them open to see what I am doing wrong..

My humidity is around 40 to 55 percent humidity temps right
Well, I am right there with ya.
I had 4 EE eggs from my hens, one was in the fridge, 6 BCM that I purchased, and 8 Speckled Sussex that I purchased.
All 4 (even the refrigerated one) EE hatched, only one BCM hatched and one rocked for a while and never even pipped. And one misformed SS chick hatched then died. Thats it.
Last year I hatched so many it was frightning, this year hardly anything.
So I went out and bought some Mille Fleur cochin chicks to make myself feel better.
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3chickens, on the last 3 days I raise my humidity between 60 and 70.

I do not think I am doing much wrong, but I truly believe with shipped eggs, the people send the oldest (as long as the are under 10 days) first.

I purchased a dozen BA and only one hatched. I went (thinking it was my fault) and purchased another dozen from the same person and just had 8 BA hatch (doing great) and 2 died in the eggs, so that was 10 fertile out of 12. Now this round I also ordered 12 Maran eggs and 6 SZ, out of those 18 only 1 Maran hatched.

I have learned to always put some of my own eggs in with shipped, this lets you know that it is not you. My eggs always seem to hatch fine, but I may have 1 or 2 infertile. If my eggs show fertility, they hatch.

So my question to you is, are they shipped eggs, or your eggs?
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I have BCM,s laying I know they are fertile I was just hoping to skip the cracking to look at the dead chick

But I guess I have no choice but to see what I am doing wrong..
Poor marans its like a suiced mission

I dont mean to hijack but....

i keep hearing about humidity when using bators...

how come you dont need to be careful when hatching with a broody hen?
I feel your pain! I've killed untold numbers of hatches. I have one chick from 3 different sets of eggs this time. While I am thankful to get at least one chick (oh I've had many where there were none!), I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. I have decided that the humidity is too low. I just opened one egg, the chick never pipped the membrane. Looks dead, I don't see any movement.

The membrane was pretty taught, maybe too dry. I think I'm going to try misting the eggs next time. I've read where some people have good results with that. I've tried everything else. I seem to be able to develop chicks, but not get them out of the eggs.


My best hatch to date came from eggs I purchased from someone near my parents, my Dad drove them up. So they didn't go through shipping. I don't know what that has to do with it, but perhaps they are losing too much moisture? Anywho... this next set should get ready! Maybe I'll split them out, mist half and not mist the other half.

I think it's too late for the ones in the incubator that were to hatch yesterday...

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