its really hot out


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
is there a certain degrees the chicken coop should be set at in the summer? the coop we built has a good ventilation at the roof where we left it open till the winter, but we have been having 95 degree days and there is some shade but i dont know if chickens have their own way of cooling themselves down or do i need to have a fan installed????
new to the chicken life just weighing my options on what to do?
It's around the same temperature here as well, and we've never added fans to our coops. The coops and runs are in relatively shaded areas (slightly into the woods), and our chickens do fine.
I live along the gulf coast and it has been hot as blue blazes down here recently

I started putting out milk jugs full of frozen water and they seem to congregate around those.

Got the idea from here
I do use a fan in my main coop - I just feel so sorry for the hens sitting there panting when they're laying their eggs or roosting at night. I think we're only at 90 today, but it's a blessing that the humidity has dropped. By this weekend they're talking 97 AND the humidity will be back!!

I've tried the frozen jugs of water, but my chickens always avoid them...
My girls are going to get the shock of their life...they are only 3 months old. It is going from 64 to an expected 80 degrees for the first time! We have barely hit 70 this spring. It won't be hot, but I am wondering how the 20 degree jump will impact them. I have been reading many posts about the heat so at least I have ideas if they seem stressed.
I have read here that chickens cannot sweat as a way to lower body temperature so they need some extra help on those 90+ days!

We have had a good 4 days of solid blazing heat here in KY and I have had hubby run out and put frozen strawberries and ice cubes in the water container. He hosed them down this afternoon with the water hose. We don't have much in the way of shade, new lot with trees behind the coop which is good for morning shade, not so much for pm shade.

I am planning on using the frozen water jugs and I noticed our RIR spends a lot more time dust bathing in the heat, this may be one way they attempt to cool down. I have also been providing treats with high water content, lettuce, watermelon, ect.. Frozen anything (spinach, blueberries, whatever they love) thrown in helps I think.

Ventilation holes in coop and shade in run (we stapled plastic sheeting to block some of the direct sun on the spot directly under the coop.

Let's hope this does NOT mean a long HOT HOT HOT summer ahead!!!
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yep it is getting so hot the eggs are coming out already boiled.

My neck of the woods is mid 90s already. I keep hoping for rain as we are under a drought.
Got lots of shade as my property has a lot of trees on it. The coop is in a shady spot and open air design. We built it with our summers in mind. I make sure the chickies get fresh water daily and have extra waters in the areas that they range in the yard at. They are so predictable as they move in one huge circle in the back yard.

Poor Wyandottes are having it rough though. They seem to be stressed the most by the heat. My Silkies, bantam frizzle cochins, Ameraucanas, 1 BR, and mutts are all taken it in stride.
I live in SW Ky and its been HOT here also. I change my water out daily then in the middle of the day and late afternoon i add coke bottles with frozen water to their waterers. I have 3, 2 gal. water pans in the run and they seem to love it after i add the ice.

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