It's safe right?(need answer soon) update on post #5

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    hi everyone,
    I know your all tired of my chicken questions by now lol, but I have another one.
    Well we had them all 4 of them out side Pecky and Pedro 11 weeks Miley And Torchick a year and however many months.
    We put the little ones in the coop again. and now they are just fine but the little ones are inside the coop and the older ones are out in the run. I know the older ones will go inside around eight or nine, depending one when it gets dark. Do you think it's safe to leave them in there, I mean were not gonna find like a dead chicken in the morning right? I'm afraid once they see each other that they'll go all crazy like they have in past experiences. Please let me know, and tell me if you have any tricks to this.
    We don't have the option of closing off the bully we live in a very small backyard and can't let are chickens free range, but we always take them outside once or more a week. The little ones are close to the same size about 1/2 inch smaller, but the older ones look a lot older the young ones have not developed a very large comb or waddles.
    I really would rather not wake up to a dead chicken in the morning because tomorrow is a big day for me. So please give me any advice you have ASAP.
    Please check post #5 for an update [​IMG]
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  2. sourland

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    If there is a history ot attack, I would not leave the chicks with the older hens unsupervised. Yes, there is potential for the older hens to kill the chicks if there are no hiding places.
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    You didn't mention if they are close to being the same size; that's pretty important. We waited until the 'older' chickens were on the roost and put the young ones up there with them after dark. Just make sure that you are there in the morning really early (before they start getting down) to make sure no one gets picked on really badly. Good luck...
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    I think your fears are correct....the older ones can definitly hurt or even kill the younger ones in the morning when everybody is there's definitely a risk leaving them all together. I personally don't put the younger/smaller ones in with the older hens until they are very close to the same size. My advice would be to keep them separated, still allowing them to see eachother, but not touch eachother, but you say you don't have room for that. I'm sorry, I don't have a solution for you, but I'm hoping another member comes around with one real soon!
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    Update: I heard the little ones screaming about 2 seconds after I posted this Pecky was hiding in the nesting box and Pedro was being attacked my Torchick(the bully). It was bad so we took them inside. Were gonna keep trying but any advice will still help us out. I really would hate to have to sell the little ones. I've become so attached [​IMG]
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    I have three roos (one is a year and 4 months old and the other two are 6 months old) and one of them (the younger 6 month old) HATES out two chicks (four month old hens) but they still sleep in the same coop together every night with no problems. They all share four laying boxes and there are also two other hens (one 6 month old and one year old) that I haven't even mentioned! I think they will find a way to stay out of each others way and be fine! That's what mine do! I always leave the coop door open at night (my coop is VERY safe...connected to the run) and they go out when they need too. That's all I have to say!
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    Would it help if I posted a picture of our coop?
  8. Louieandthecrew

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    YES! That would help me at least [​IMG]
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    okay brb getting picture
  10. Louieandthecrew

    Louieandthecrew I am actually a female!


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