It's soooo hard


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
It's so hard not to open the incubator.
So far I only have two chicks out of the egg. The first came out around noon today. Bloody, weak and moving slow. It's still alive but I wonder if it will make it. The second is a crazy hyper polish baby. It's kicking eggs around, chirping loudly and any time I get near the incubator or make noise in the room it wants to visit with me even if it means stomping on the other baby. There are two other eggs with nice pips but I don't see activity with the others. Maybe that's because my crazy polish baby is walking all over them. Sitting on my hands is harder than I thought it would be.
Good for you
Keep sitting on those hands! It is not unusual for a hatch to take 24 hours from start to finish. My last hatch took 31 hours! I know exactly how you feel, it can drive you crazy!! HANG IN THERE!
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Thanks for the encouragement. It definitely helps.
Now I understand why people say leave the house while the eggs are hatching.
I completely understand. I had one banging eggs into each when that one and the other hatched one were completely dry...I reached in really quick, snatched them up and put them in the brooder. Everything went just fine and the temp and humidity did not even change.

But hang in there....the babies will be here soon.
One more baby silkie hatched between 2-7 this morning. It's seems very weak and bloody too.
My humidity is staying at 70% so I think it's too high. The babies don't seem to be drying since the 1st baby looks as wet as when it hatched. I have 1 egg that has a nice sized hole in it that pipped around 3 in the afternoon yesterday but has not progressed. The only other egg pipped around 3 but has stopped moving so I'm pretty sure it died.

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