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Jun 4, 2011
I had a broody hen so I stuck some fertilized eggs under her. The problem is that I didn't note the date that I put them in there. My bad and lesson learned for sure!

Anyway, it sure seems like it's been 3 weeks but she is still sitting and waiting like a good little mama. Will she give up after the time they are supposed to hatch? I have her secluded in a nice secure cage so when they hatch the other ladies won't bother them. She's been sitting non-stop and now today she finally got off for a few minutes - got some water, took the biggest, stinkiest poop I've ever seen and then went back to sitting.

How long do I wait until I pull the poor little lady off the nest and force her to give up?
Have you candled the eggs to determine whether or not they are developing? That should give some indication as to how far along they are. You shouldn't "pull the little lady off the nest" until you are positive you have passed the 21 day incubation period.
Wait till dark then candle to see how things are going.... If things are going ok leave her be for a while... She will most likely leave when she is finished. If the eggs are not progressing throw them out and she will leave the nest on her own

good luck
Well I just left her alone and resigned myself to the fact that I was probably wrong on the timing.
Good thing too.. I have 7 new little fluff-balls (and one more almost out)!!

I'm just in awe watching Mother Nature run her course :)

One more question though..7 of them are now 4-5 days old and there is one more trying to hatch today. Is that weird? I'm not going to interfere and I'll wait to see if it survives, but I just thought it was odd.

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