its that time of year again, the State fair ! TONS of pics

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    the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, Idaho is September 3rd -10th this year. As always we have quite a minagere to take! we are taking 11 horses this year . Two Senior mares, 2 Yearling Fillies, 2 Yearling Stud colts, a weanling filly, a weanling colt, 2 geldings (one that drives and one that jumps) and our 4 year old stallion, cash ! we are SUPER excited with what we have this year! we have been planning and working horses for over a month now, thats 11 horses to work, all but the weanlings need lunged. we usually do very well at the fair, and hope to do the same this year!! i have pics of every one exept our jumping gelding who is at the trainers right now. please excuse the dirty horses, they havent been bathed or clipped in weeks!

    First off:
    SP Totally Tickled Pink, AKA Tia, Homozygous black and white tobiano 2011 fillly
    Tia has not had a bath or been cliped as she is mostly white, so we dont want her to burn, she will get clipped a day or 2 before the show

    next :
    SP Spun Me a Smart one AKA Spinner, 2011 Grey tobiano Colt
    the lady in front of him, is his new owner :)

    bothe of the weanlings are out of our stallion cash [​IMG] who is Next
    this pic is from weeks ago, but jsut incase you missed him

    Sierra Golds Kiwi Cash AKA cash 2007 Palomino tobiano Stallion
    he is freshly clipped in this pic, and he looses a lot of his color when freshly clipped but it comes back fast!cash is 31 inches tall at the sholder also a head shot

    next :
    SP Last Kiss By a Legacy AKA Bonkers 2010 Silver Dapple tobiano Stud colt

    SP Simply Dashing AKA Dash.2010 Grey Stud colt

    SP IMA Super GoGO Girl AKA GIGI, 2010 Black filly,we are working to get her belly down, proving to be a big task!

    SP Saved One For The Road AKA Ava, 2010 Red Varnish roan Pintalossa filly.

    Midget Ranchs' Little Angel AKA Angel, 2007 Bay roan mare


    DS Lil Mikey 2005 chestnut pintalossa gelding, Grand champion of the geldings at the eastern idaho state fair, 3 years running!

    Small Delights Dark Angel, AKA Tanner Black 2001 Mare

    thats all but CiCi, we are super excited, and just love showing our miniatures off!
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    Good luck ! They are so cute!![​IMG]
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    Wow, they are all so gorgeous, good luck [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    They are all beautiful! Have fun at the fair, I hope all goes well! [​IMG]
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    Mar 29, 2011
    [​IMG] Your horses are STUNNING! Good Luck at the fair!
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    Rigby, Idaho
    thanks guys, i admit im a bit proud of our horses, its taken 10 years to get where we are, and i feel that we are in the RIGHT spot now, considering we are now placing above 99% of the breeders in the area, even though some have been showing and breeding for 30+ years!

    my only problem is , that, i tend to hang on to the foals, i only have 2 for sale, and really, would rather hang on to them lol
    hoping to have 6 foals on the way for next year, starting in march, ending in june, so i have to sell the 2 i have that i could part with LOL after the fair we are having the weanling colt and the grey yearling colt gelded.. FUN, but must be done! we dont need any more mediocre stallions out there! we will have internet connection AT the fair, so ill be posting pics as i take them!

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