It's the season for replenishing stock! yay!

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    It's the season for replenishing stock and choosing new breeders. [​IMG]

    The Jumbos were first in an assortment of course. Jumbo Browns, reds, Italians, Rosettas, Tibettans). I have worked hard to up the size contrary to popular beliefs.



    Parent stock: some nice photos of some on the scale

    A Red Range hen on the scale. If I was to photograph each bird I would be crazy. I have a lot of them. Choose the biggest and the best.


    Another one here: Jumbo Brown...note, the parents not taken today and some may have seen these photos.


    And no, I didn't alter the photos [​IMG] who would do that ???

    Texas A and M hen.


    And the biddies! Hatched 11/3/2011



    Now I will be incubating some Reds, Roux dilutes, and the other ranges along with the Golds to work on size some more. They are pretty and hefty, what we all want.

    Tips for breeders:
    Know your lineage. It is very important where your birds come from, what they are fed, the ratios, etc. How the original stock came to be. If size is important, choose from breeders who know what they are talking about. Color is important, but size is equally important in my book so I am looking for hefty birds to add to the lines, well fed original stock and either line bred or new blood introduced in a good way. Remember, always start small. One project at a time. Believe me you will accomplish things much faster this way.

    More to be posted later as photos and time permit.

    ETA: There will be some small chicks in each batch. It's how life is. SELECTIVE BREEDING, choose what you want, and the rest, well you can decide what to do with them. To each his own.
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    Cheers Quaillady. Cheers! I'm with you lady!
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    Tis the season! You are tempting me....Wow, all that yellow! Beautiful babies! [​IMG]
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    Holy Cow [​IMG] , those quail are chunks! Looks like a neat project.
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    Hmmm that might be a project for my pieds once I get them going.
  6. iamcuriositycat

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    Quail porn. Thanks for the juicy pics. LOVE your birds.
  7. rittert3

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Fuzzies!! [​IMG] Fuzzies!! [​IMG] Fuzzies!! [​IMG]!!

    Oh, they are all so adorable! I just want to scoop them all up and snuggle them little softies against my cheek!

    Thanks for posting these quaillady!!

    The ones on the scales are looking good! I love your A & M!!

    You were right about a lot of yellow! [​IMG] and all those sweet little dots!

    I think the baby in the close up, upper left, is posing for you! He's so cute!
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    Don't go making me want quail again..Please.... nice photos! Lovely!
  10. Frankallen

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    Aug 6, 2011
    Alex, very Impressive Birds and Chicks!! Some of your breeders are so big, they are Scary!![​IMG]

    Thanks, for posting ......


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