Its time to weed out some roos.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by HeatherLynn, Jul 28, 2010.

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    Ok here is what I have. Huge coop, Huge yard so space is not an issue but I do have too many Roos. Some have to go to the freezer. Should they all go? Can my one roo handle 16 and potentially more hens?

    I have 1 HUGE dominant 1 year old roo. 6 adult hens 3 older almost laying hens and then my teenagers.They are roughly 16 to 18 weeks old

    3 barred rock 1hen 2 roos( of course one of these is trying to be the dominant); 5 SLW no clue what in the heck gender they are. Some have straight combs, some have rose combs. All of them are redder than can be; 1 mystery chick that was supposed to be a brown leghorn but acts like and kinda looks like a roadrunner and looks like a hen; 2 buff orpintons hens, and 2 reds 1 I am sure is a hen, the other I am pretty sure is a roo.

    should I only have 1 roo at this point. Keep my huge dominant guy. At this point he only shows interest and protection to the 6 adult laying hens. The barred rock teens is trying his best to be a gentleman to the rest of them. I do range these and my hope is roos will keep hawk related fatalities down.

    I plan on getting some babies this fall also. So there will be more hens I hope.

    Ok so my best guess is 1 roo and 6 adult hens
    then potentially 7 teenage roos and 9 teenage or almost laying hens.

    So far the older roo ignores the younger roo and all the other hens. The others even try to get on his perch with his ladies and he won
    t allow it. They have to perch across the coop in their own corner.

    This does not include any of my useless but o so pretty bantam chickens but they have their own coop and they stay far away from the big kids.
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    Get rid of the roos and get some Guinea Fowl to protect the flock. Roos are a P.I.T.A.

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