It's umm.. a playhouse!! lol


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Hub began building our new coop this past holiday weekend. Dimensions on the structure thus far without the pen attached is 6x6.. Not what one would think of for a shed in our neighborhood and all the neighbors are mighty curious. Yes we have permission from our building inspector to house chickens! woo hoo.. but our neighbors are mighty pesky so Hub decides to tell one nosey neighbor yesterday it's a play house for our son! lol Actually the neighbor said to him.. Hey whatcha building? A playhouse for your boy?

Yup my husband replies.. lol When it's all said and done they'll obviously know we have chickens..but as hub said.. let's save the grief and aggravation until it's all done and they see how beautiful it turns out. Then I am sure the poor building inspector will have the phone ringing off the hook!!

uggh.. I so adore suburbia (sarcasm)
What's funny is that is why I have to go overboard on making my coops so fancy for my customers so the coops can look more like a playhouse instead of a little shack. It is a little annoying with how picky neighbors and HOA's can be when it is your property and you should have the right to do what you want. Much luck to you.
Thanks!! That's a cute coop you have pictured! What I laugh at is how many people in our neighborhood have falling down outdoor structures that are far more tacky than our coop will be..but whatever. They are just snobby and worried their property values will drop. I am sure as all heck one of our neighbors will be screaming the building inspectors ears off when she finally sees our chicks outside in their run.

Hub says once we start sharing some of our eggs, they'll be happy!
"I have a PITA neighbor who now wants to know when "we" will start getting eggs. "We"?".........
LOL @ 'the neighbors'!!!!!!!!!! "WE"!
RE: "I have a feeling that my peskiest possible neighbor will be the same way!!"

I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of NE GA. The Appalachian Trail is on the ridge that I look at from my back porch. (nice view) Sounds pretty rural, doesn't it?? This is the same idgit who told me she was going to call the county to put up a (mercury vapor) street light because when she looks out her window at night, "it's so dark".

ME: "It's supposed to be dark ... so you can see the stars. That's why they call it the country and not the city". <sheesh>

Haven't heard anything more about it since I told her I'd use the light for target practice if she goes through with putting it up. I think that unnerved her. But, apparently not enough because now, "we" are waiting for eggs!! She's going be very surprised at the cost of a dozen eggs. Let's see now, that's $4000 plus for the hen house and run, including labor (I'm a woman who lives alone). Another couple hundred for feed and chicken supplies. Divided by 2 years of good egg producing before more laying hens must be obtained. <tap, tap, click, click> That'll be $79.95 per dozen, please.

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