Itty Bitty Farm in Knoxville, TN


Feb 26, 2015
East Tennessee
I would just like to give two thumbs up to Barb, the breeder at Itty Bitty Farm (you can find them by searching their name on Facebook) in Knoxville, TN. She specializes in Ameracaunas, Olive Eggers, Polish, and game bantams (I am not entirely sure what type of bantams she raises because I have only been interested in her other breeds). Her facility is NPIP certified and extremely clean. Her birds are all in beautiful condition and she will really work with you to determine whether an Ameracauna or Olive Egger is the right bird for you and if so, which particular color and bird is the right one for you. So far I’ve purchased a buff Ameracauna pullet, a splash Ameracauna pullet and an Olive Egger pullet from Barb and she is always available by text or phone to answer any question you may have once you bring your birds home. She also checks in on her pullets to make sure they’re thriving in their new home. I am picking up my 4th pullet from Barb tomorrow - a black Ameracauna, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in one of her breeds. She’s just great to work with.

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