I've almost got it narrowed down... Need expert final say! plus ?'s...

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    So... I'm getting a silkie (thanks tsa) which I am SUPER excited about...

    We can only get 2 chickens, at least for now because we rent from family (and the father-in-law in not too enthused with the idea of chickens...)

    The silkie I've always wanted, and I hear they're friendly, so that one is set...

    Here is what's most important to us for the other one:

    1) Friendly personality
    2) Decent Egg layer
    3) Cuteness (my personal addition)

    The DH at first really wanted some kind of crested, but It seems to me that it is the roos that are really hilarious looking, and we can't have a roo (we're RIGHT downtown, lol)

    I also really have an affinity for feathered feet, if anyone has any ideas besides these, let me know. Goin' to the feed stores today! [​IMG]I've never had chicks before...Also, I will get 2 of whatever "layer" we get, so that the chickie isn't alone... I have a friend who can take any extras...
    Here's what I'm thinking:

    Buff orpington- I love how big and poofy they get, plus I hear they are friendly.

    Barred rock- love the pattern, feed store lady say hers are good layers.

    Black Cochin- Again, the poofiness factor, but I have heard mixed opinions on laying... This
    one is labeled as "giant" cochin at the feed store... That just means standard, as in, not a bantam, right?

    Salmon Favorelle- Feed store recommended

    Speckled Sussex- Feed store lady's favorite, says they are pretty, and lay great.

    I have steered away from RIR's b/c I hear they can be temperamental.

    Now my other ?'s:

    Will the bantam and a standard get along ok, if they just have each other for company? (at least for a while, til the FIL sees I'm not going to start a commercial flock in my back yard...

    The chicks might be a few weeks apart, is that ok?
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    I'd go with barred rocks. [​IMG] Mine lay every day, even my show bred bantam barred rocks! They are gorgeous, curious, full of spunk, and easy to tame!

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