I've always thought she was a Golden Phoenix, but...


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8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
I saw a photo of a Old English Hen and she looks a lot like her. The only difference, I can see with my untrained eye, is my chicken has white earlopes. I hope someone can help.



Thanks! I hadn't even heard of that kind of Chicken! Ha-ha! Put she does look a lot like the photos on Google. I got her from a farm as a chick and the lady said she was a Phoenix. But, the more I look at pictures I'm starting to think she isn't.
I think Rhode Island Reds have red ear lopes which is the reason I wasn't thinking Old English. But the Leghorns do have white ear lopes, so that might be the winner. I would love to hear more suggestions. Not sure if it matters but she is Bantam sized. I just want to know if I've misrepresenting her this whole time! Yikes!
I was going to say Brown Leghorn... she is not a RIR, as you said red earlobes, the shape is all wrong, etc for a Rhode Island Red (not to mention the color). I only had one brown leghorn, so I am not 100%, but that would be my guess.
Thanks! It's really crazy how much alike chickens can look to an amateur, like me. I'm thankful for the comments!
What color legs does she have? Brown Leghorns should have yellow legs. Phoenix hens tend to have a little longer tail and the feathers in front of the tail tend to be a little longer.

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