I've been offered a free GOOSE!!!

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  1. My buddy just came up, and his brother (severe functional issues) has acquired a goose. A lady gave it to him, since it hissed and bit her a few times... anyway, he is not set up for a goose, and he lives with his mother... who doesn't want a goose. my buddy said it's white, with no head lump (so not a chinese... which is what I already have)... I assume it's an embden. Is there any way to tell if it's a male or a female? I have a male goose, so a female would be good. if I ended up with a male, they'd fight, right? I have a bunch of female ducks, so if I had 2 male geese, they'd fight over the ladies?
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    Sound's like Emden.I hatched 2 white last year both were hen's and I hatched an african from same breeder in same hatch.I also had 14 surviving toulouse.The 3 young one's were more agressive toward the tolouse at first when I had those 3 penned.They eventualy all learned to share the pond and got along well.I had 14 ducks as well that free ranged with all the geese and never had any problems.Some of the geese were tempermental when sitting but nothing major.Im sure they would do fine.
  3. My chinese is SUPER aggressive, I got him as an adolescent, and he's just a jerk... i love him though. So anyway, I think, from what my buddy said, is relatively friendly... mostly. I mean, it's a goose, so what do you expect? If it's white, it's probably an embden, but could be a male pilgrim, or a roman, right? is there any way to tell them apart? Or to tell if it's a boy or a girl? I'm going to go visit it, so I'll take and post a picture... can you guys help me tell if it's a girl or a boy?
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    Your Chinese will more likely be aggressive to the goose when you bring it home. Let them establish their pecking order and then you shouldn't have problems. They might get along just fine at first, its just a guessing game. My gander has readily accepted all the females that have been introduced each time . but he didn't like the other gander right from the start. To this day he just tolerates him. My youngest gander just knows to keep his distance and they coexist without any problems now. Its not easy to distinguish the males from females unless you have another to compare to of the same breed and then thats not always a sure thing. The ganders usually have a lower pitched voice, slightly bigger body and thicker neck. I have also learned to tell from the behavior of the ganders as they seem to "warn" the females of anything unusual or something they don't like by putting themselves in between them and whatever it is, which in our case is my husband [​IMG]
  5. Apparently, the goose (still at my friend's mother's house) laid an EGG!!!!!!! Which I'm almost positive, means it;s a girl! Does anyone have any pictures of Chinese/embdens? (Just in case my old goose and my new goose get a baby!!!!)

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