I've been promising pictures...here they are!


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Jul 8, 2009
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I think most of my feathered friends are mutts. This is the group that was given to me by a scientist who no longer had the governmental funding to take care of all her chickens. I'm not sure what kind of chickens they are, so feel free to let me know if you recognize anyone. The last two pictures are of the little silkie roo that I rescued a couple of weeks ago. He's doing great now, and he's completely integrated with the flock. He's still a little shy, and my big roo chases him every now and then, but no injuries. Silkie's name is Fricken. He likes to hang out with the Yaks in the pastures, and will come running to me when I call him. He also hops up on my arm when I hold it out to him...such a cutie!



These three creep me out. They were young when the lady gave them to me, and all three were supposed to have been female. One turned out to be a roo. They look and act like velociraptors. The roo is named fried chicken, and will be dinner this weekend.
Cute. the white with a little black on wings, look like my delawares, maybe the lighter red is a New Hampshire Red? anyway, all chickens are great...even "who can tells?"
:yaVery funny pet names. You had me laughing with velociraptors because as soon as you said it...I could see it from the movie. YAks? Tell me more. Sounds like you have a great hubbie; mine says I am at my pet QUOTA:hit

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LOL! No, not this time. I keep wishing that the camera is near whenever I see the Yaks and chickens playing. I'll just have to take the camera out with me and watch and wait. It really is too funny to see them together. Sometimes the baby yaks will chase them. Other times, the chickens will hide out under a standing adult yak-Fricken does that frequently. Jarhead, my big roo, was standing on the top rail of the fence this morning, crowing at a hawk that was flying overhead. He was so intent on scaring the hawk away, that he didn't notice a yak heifer sneaking up behind him. She nudged him with her nose, and I thought he was going to have a heart attack. LOL! Luckily, no harm came to him. He just acted like his male pride had been wounded.

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