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Okay so ive been rearching buti i havent found any true answer so i came for you guys' help!
My Buff Orp. is broody. I would love some little fluffy butts. but i dont want to give her eggs. My local feed store has chicks. Can i place some ( 1 or 2) chicks under her and will she think there hers and care for them thus stopping her broody-ness?
Yes, let her sit for at least a week on fake eggs, then at night pull the eggs out and slip the chicks in. Watch carefully in the morning to make sure she accepts them. And make sure the chicks are a day or 2 old. Otherwise, it increases the chances of her rejecting them.
Yes! If possible you should separate momma and her babies. She will protect them but she can only do so much. I'm not saying that your other hens will definitely attack the chicks, but it is pretty common. Some people pen off a part of the coop just for her and the babies, or put them in their own coop. If they free range you may not have such an issue. As far the feed for the chick, you should provide some starter feed for them, but again, if they free range, momma hen will be showing them goodies outside to eat, but probably not until they are a few days old. Good Luck!
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Yes, the chick will need chick starter (mama hen can eat it too since she's not laying)

As for separating or not, everyone feels differently on that. Some isolate chicks and mama hens, some don't. It depends on your flock and how high up your broody is on the pecking order. You can always give it a shot, and remove them if there is a problem. It just depends on how comfortable you are with it, and how closely you can watch them.

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