I've finally got me some Mountain Quail eggs!! Anyone else raise them?


7 Years
Mar 20, 2012
Corapeake NC
After weeks and weeks of losing auctions and hours of searching for Mountain quail eggs, I finally found a breeder with reasonable prices and got myself a dozen eggs to hatch. Recently, I've seen auctions on ebay and eggbid selling eggs for as low as $8 an egg, all the way up to $20 an egg, and I was lucky enough to get them for $5 each. So hopefully Ill have a good hatch and on the way to having my own flock. Does anyone else out there raise Mountain quail? Any pictures or experiences/tips with them would be appreciated. Thanks

Good luck, i have sen the prices on ebay OUCH, so am first practicing with coturnix and gambel's quail, so far so good!
Am I really the only person on here that is about to have mountain quail? A site with so many members on it you'd think thered be atleast one other person
Not that many folks keep mountain quail. They are a pretty breed of bird. I guess you will learn as you go by trial and error. I have heard they are a bit challenging to raise, but well worth the work. Enjoy this great species of quail!
One day I'll try some Mountain Quail! I'm too busy with my current birds and mountains are a little pricey to take a risk at hatching them. Husband will yell at me if I get any more birds
Because he'd have to build another pen/coop for me lol
i have 5 mountain, 6-7weeks old , they are beautyfull bird. i know someone in CT sale a dozen for $25
Nice, Ive got 6 that I can have pipped so far right now and hopefully should be coming out the shell soon. Hopefully there is some more coming to that I just cant see where the pipped. How long have you raised Mountain quail for or is this your first time? Do you know of a way I could get ahold of the person with the eggs? I wouldn't mind getting another dozen to get another bloodline.
Does the person in Ct, selling Mountain quail eggs, still going to sell eggs for $25/doz
If their prices are that reasonable, could you connect me to them. I'm just starting to raise birds again after a 25 year hiatus. I am retired in New Mexico, and used to raise
Mountains in Pa. I would love to start raising quail again. I had great success in Pa...now I hope to do the same in NM.
Thanks...I appreciate it...Z
I was trying to find out who this person in CT was but never got a response from the other guy to find out. In my opinion, $25 for a dozen sounds too good to be true and if they are mountain quail, I would assume that theyre not purebreed. But then again, you never know. I got my eggs, for what I would say was a great deal, at $5 an egg; so $60 for a dozen. For the past year, they have averaged for about $10-$15 an egg.

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