I've got chicks!!!!! But also a very bossy hen

ozzy chooks

Nov 28, 2017
Canberra Australia
I got 7 araucana eggs. If I candled them correctly 6 should be fertilised.
Iridescence, my broody sat on the eggs and today is day 21. Some has just hatched!!! :jumpy

I have tonnes of questions coz it's my (and her) first time :)

I have seen 2 chicks so far but she is very protective and still on the nest.
Will she get up when all the chicks will have hatched?
Should I just wait? and then when finished she will get the babies out?

I am so excited!:wee

Unfortunately though I noticed something sad from the other girls.
I have three: Iridescence who is now mama, Velociraptor who is mean and Epitome who is very sweet and so curious.
Sometimes I noticed Raptor pecking Tomi when they eat food, but it stopped. However, I have just seen some more worrying: Raptor got on top of Epitome like a roster and was pecking her head from behind. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

FWI Iridescence and the chicks are in a separate coop.


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Congratulations! How exciting!

A hen mounting another hen is pure dominance. So don't worry about that - there's generally no harm done. It's just a reminder of who is in charge.

A broody will stay on the nest for around 48 hours from when the first chick hatched to give as many eggs as possible a chance to hatch. By then the first chick is hungry. She won't stray far from their nest for a few days so make sure the food and water is close by so they don't have to go far. The chicks will let her know what they are comfortable with.

It's an adorable sight watching a hen interact with her babies. Enjoy them!
Thank you!
I prepared chick starter with anticoccidial and water just outside the coop.
Once my broody will go out I will remove the box, clean and prepare nice straw for the chicks. Can't wait to see them all!
here some pictures


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