I've Got Shrimp and Noodles....

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  1. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    Just wondering what type of sauce to combine the two....

    Any ideas? Try to remember what you had when you had just gotten out of college.
  2. KatyTheChickenLady

    KatyTheChickenLady Bird of A Different Feather

    Dec 20, 2008
    Boise, Idaho
    white wine. butter, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes


    cream, garlic, salt . . . heat until hot but dont scorch, add 1 container shredded parm, stir until melted then take off of heat and let sit for 5 min.

  3. DuckLady

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    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    [​IMG] Alfredo
  4. TerriLaChicks

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Central Louisiana
    Cook and drain the noodles. (I use linguine for this).

    In a skillet over medium heat, heat 2 tablespoons of oil/butter, & cook a medium diced onion & a large crushed clove of garlic until tender. Take that out & put to the side.

    In the drippings remaining in the skillet add the shrimp & cook until pink (about 3 minutes).

    Stir in a can of artichoke hearts, some white wine (or chicken broth) lemon juice, hot pepper sauce, a little salt, & the cooked onion & garlic. Over high heat, heat to boiling then reduce to low & simmer about 5 mintues to blend the flavors. Toss w/noodles & a bit of chopped parsley.
  5. saddina

    saddina Internally Deranged

    May 2, 2009
    Desert, CA
    If the noodles are an asian type, like soba or ramen, I'd go with a hit of soy or teriaki, a drop or 2 of honey (it's in the back of everyone's cabinet, wisk sauces up, and toss over shrimp/noodles for a faux stir fry.
  6. rodriguezpoultry

    rodriguezpoultry Langshan Lover

    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    I went with saddina's recipe because it was what I had on hand...but I can't WAIT to try out the rest of the recipes!!!

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