I've gotten myself in quite a pickle*LONG*

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    I have illegal chickens. They are in a nice secure area in my yard- and basically, I don't bother anyone and I look the other way whenever anyone in my neighborhood is doing something they shouldn't. Whether its screaming at their kids/wife, drag racing down the street, blaring their stereo at all hours of the night, etc etc, I never say a word. I let my neighbors borrow whatever they want- lawnmower, air compressor, ladder, rake, cup of milk, saran wrap, etc. My children are well-behaved and do not fight with neighbor kids, display good manners, etc.

    I am a veterinary technician and a wildlife rehabilitator. As most technicians do, I have more than my legally allowed amount of animals. (In my city you are allowed a total of 3 animals- those animals being only dog, cat, and non-breeding rabbit). I have three dogs and five cats, and two parrots and a tortoise- plus my chickens. My yard does not smell, it is well-groomed, and we are non-conspicuous neighbors.

    However, my problems here first started when I brought home my pit bull mix. He is a great big dork. He does NOT have an aggressive bone in his body. Please, if you have any doubt to what I am saying, there is no need to read further. I would not keep an aggressive animal (my stupid wiener dog excluded but that is because she is only four inches tall). I have put two perfectly healthy dogs to sleep because they showed aggression. One toward me, one toward others. I have too many kids here and in the neighborhood to own an aggressive animal. However, when I first brought home my pit mix, my neighbor expressed hatred. He has an obvious fear of pit bulls and his own preconceived notions of them. He refused to get to know my dog when he was just a pup, and I do not know what he does when my dogs are outside...ie: turn the hose on my dog, kick the fence, etc. However, I do not let my dogs bark when I am not home. What I mean by that is I do not let my dogs bark excessively. My pit has been through two training classes, and knows all basic commands and listens very well. I would trust him around my youngest family members- the babies, etc. Well, my dumb dog is loud- when he wants someone to come play he will bark and he tends to jump on my gate. We correct him, but he has no clue. He barks- and my neighbors tell me how scary it is when he hits the fence. I have explained what a goof he is, apologized that he sounds scary, and then walked to the fence with them to show them that he is 'talking' and they have reached over and pet his head, etc. This is the part I have the hardest part explaining in type- my dog is not barking to be aggressive, he is being vocal. However he LOOKS scary because he is as tall as a lab, black and has a pit bull head.

    Yesterday, my neighbor put her laundry on the fence to dry. My dog stole it. She went into my backyard without asking and retrieved it. He was friendly and wanting to play with her (these are her words. I wasn't home- my fifteen year old was home, out front on his skateboard). She said she played with him, pet him, then left the yard- as she was entering her yard (shared fence-they have a gate next to mine) they say my dog jumped on the fence and bit her shoulder(that had the clothes draped over it). Actually, the husband screamed in my face when I got home, that my dog attacked his wife. He screamed at me that he was done with my dog, and if I didn't take care of him, he would. He told me that my dog goes after his kids, the neighbor kids, and him all the time. This is very untrue. He had already confronted my son- and told him that he better control his dog or he was going to take care of it. My son and his friend had met me at the corner and told me what was going on- so I called my husband and told him he better come home. After the neighbor finished screaming at me- and not letting me get a word in- he went in the house. Once my husband was home, he didnt come out. His wife was out- but he wouldnt. This is typical behavior of this neighbor. He will scream at kids, women, but not men.

    My husband is going to put up a privacy fence, and he is going to put in six foot chainlink gates- however I do not know what is going to happen now. If my neighbor calls the pound, what they are going to do. I am so distraught-I have no idea how I am going to go to work today.
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    I will be praying for you guys. I would think the neighbor would have to show marks from an attack, to the police. Praying for peace and understanding... and for God to hide your animals from anyone who would interfere with their wellbeing.
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    May 15, 2008
    we have a super gentle 12 yo pit and the neighbors know him and like him.well last winter the 21 yo neighbor cut through are yard all bundled up in huge hooded coat and came right up behind hubby and dog (they didnt hear him) and he startled the dog and dog nipped his glove and then the kid said hi shotgun(dogs name) and dog waggs tail. well the kids mother had just married a guy that was scared to death of pits and he called the police and animal control came. we had to have a hearing with the town and what we did was used the same dog behavorist that does the dogs good citizen awards here and paid her a $150 dollars an hour to evaluate the dog and give us a written report of her findings (even if bad) well when she gave great report as did the towns dog officer,several neighbors also we won and all is fine. of course we did add a huge chain link fence area to the yard to have him in if we arent outside as a precaution.
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    Sep 18, 2007
    I feel for you. I will say right out, that as a breed I do not like pitbulls. However, having said that, it doesn't mean that individuals (of any breed) can't be different from the "normal" or "expected normal". It sounds like you have a wonderful dog and a neighbor who can't get past the breed. He also sounds like a bully, who will only pick on those he preceives as weaker than him. I certainly hope he doesn't call the authorities on you or your dog. My advice in dealing with a bully is to make yourself "bigger" than he is. When he is ranting, insert yourself, make it seem that you won't be run over-no matter how shaken you are. If you can manage this he probably will be more diplomatic toward you. Did the dog leave a mark on the wife? Were there any witnesses? Is she upset? If no marks and no witnesses how do you know it happened and he isn't just looking for a way to get you to get rid of your dog? I wish you luck in dealing with him and this. [​IMG]
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    I've worked with the bully breed a lot at the animal shelter I worked at. I know they can get playful and jumpy perhaps she mistook his playful jump and play bite as a "horrible attack!" but the sad truth is MANY people do...

    A large fence is a great idea. Also posting sign out side of the fence is a good idea, like "Dog in Yard" (don't post those stupid signs that make the dog look like an attack dog)

    Ask the people next door not to hang their laundry on the fence, ask them nicely, say the dog mistakes it for toys, so please do not do it. Ask them nicely not to enter your yard with out you or if the dog is in the yard. Never have your dog off leash.

    If the dog never has another "attack" then lots of times people just forget about it. But if you do things that show yo uare trying to fix the "issue at hand" it makes people feel better.

    you may know your dog is harmless but people are brainwashed by the horrible things the media says about the breed. Sad but true.
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    Sep 18, 2007
    Quote:Anyone walking up on a dog unanounced should expect that the dog may defend himself and his companion. Doesn't matter what breed. Not a smart move on the 21 year olds part.
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    Jul 31, 2008
    aww I am so sorry you are going through this....this is exactally why I moved out to the country I perfer being with animals then most humans...lol

    If i was in your shoes I would make sure you have the dog inside today. If your child is home alone with the animals then make sure if the dog needs to pee then it is leashed and go for a walk until this calms down..get the fence bulit for sure ..I dont know how old your oldest is but instruct him/her not to open the door to ANYONE incase someone from the city shows up (most of the city workers are pretty good when a child says my mom is at work can you please come back then)

    I know when I was living in the city I had a friend who worked for city by-law office and she informed me that unless there was a complaint about the amount of anmals thry had no right to search the properity ...this is dealing with a dog issue, deal with it on thr front porch...dont invite them in....all the best...I really dont like people who are ignorant about animals and they make a decision about them from "what they heard"...I heard Elvis was alive...but that does not make it true..

    BIG fences make good neighbours...[​IMG]
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    Illegal is illegal. But, the woman was on your property without consent, that is illegal. I would suggest a stockade fence with a wire fence inside to keep that bitter neighbors nose out of your business, and animals. All dogs will play, they don't have hands so they use their mouths- duh. Your neighbor sounds like a complete idiot and curbing his abilities to get to your dogs is a must.
    If you have the room, place patio blocks or cement blocks on the inside of the fence, then if HE digs on his side to allow the dogs freedom, then they will not be able to dig on their side.
    Take pictures, recordings etc when he is pulling this crap. I would suggest you call the police to have this on report prior to his BS, it is harrasment. (put chickens in basement) or find a way to fight city hall like enviorogirl did.
    Pitbulls have unfortunately gotten a bad wrap. I like them, but not all of them, equally as german shepards and rotties (even poodles!) and have wonderful experiences with all of these types of dogs.
    Dealing with animals, you really should have a chain link fence (if you dont have one) to protect THEM from your neighbor, but to also keep your homeowners insurance and Liability insurance. Ofthen Home Owners ins do not cover certain breeds of dogs, please look into this for your own protection from the neighbors!
    Take care, keep us posted.
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    Apr 14, 2008
    Fence and ask for a picture of this "wound" or to see it in person. On a personal level I hate people hanging things on a common fence. Drives me batty.

    (Move to GI so you can be legally crazy, like me [​IMG] )
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    May 8, 2008
    why the heck was she laying laundry over the fence to dry in the first place? I had a mare that would take anything left laying over the fence and play with it. Lost a really nice jacket that way once.[​IMG]

    I agree with putting up a privacy fence. I also agree that the neighbor husband is a bully.

    My mom owns a AmStaff( Pitt Bull) and he is more trustworthy with kids, adults and other animals than my Border Collie.

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