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    from incubating to raising a baby chick!

    Okay, so Chicken Little (Temporary name until we can figure out gender and personality) is a week old and had her (positive thinking) first taste of the 2 aunties. So far, so good. I watched for a really long time and Gussie (foster mama) did a pretty good job of keeping the other hens from pecking her too much - even though she was desperately trying to shake out her legs and have a much wanted/needed dust bath. I have now left the broody box open. I went out to check a little while ago and Gussie and C.L. were in the broody box....along with my Araucana (more likely EE). She had settled herself in there like she belonged. It was rather cute, if a bit cramped.

    It is so funny to see C.L. hopping on Gussies back only to be shaken off again a minute later. Who knew chicks could be so much fun.

    I did make for some distraction when introducing mama and baby, though. I kept the run door open and sat at the entrance and Rosie (she is the brave one who tests out all new things) came and hung out with me so she could eat nice green grass and Juanita hung out close by - I didn't let her wander too near the door as she is not easily caught, whereas Rosie is. Also, I put a flower pot full of weeds in the run for them to peck at. I like doing this because it gets the weeds out of my pots and they get extra greenery.

    Anyway, so far so good. The only thing that might have made it better would have been if more of the eggs hatched.

    I have to say, for my first effort at hatching eggs and my first experience with a broody, we are doing okay.

    Edited to correct positive gender thinking
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    Congrats. Hope it lives a long productive life... and that it's a hen!
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    [​IMG] Keep up the good work!
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    The first chick is always soooooo exciting!

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