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    Jun 29, 2015
    I know this has came up alot in recent threads but I have a question. So from my understanding you can't use ivermectin 1% injectable on the skin that's what I bought it for was for the use as drops on the skin but now with all the reading people are saying the pour on :/ will it still work as a drop? My fear is..is that if I add it to the water some birds may drink more than others and overdose. ..what are your thoughts?
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    Yes, unfortunately, what you've read is probably correct. I have lots of experience with both kinds and can tell you the carrier agent is completely different in the pour-on vs. the injectable.

    Is there any chance you can return your bottle, and then purchase the pour-on? (the pour-on is actually a bit cheaper than the injectable, for whatever that's worth)

    In the event you do decide to go ahead and use the injectable, be aware that the injectable contains twice as much ivermectin per ml compared to the pour-on:

    Injectable = 10mg Ivermectin/ml
    Pour-on = 5mg Ivermectin/ml

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