Ivermectin Dosage for Chickens and Water Fowl

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    I just discovered my seramas have lice and one I recently purchased in a pen by himself has leg mites. I dosed them all with ivermectin pour on for cattle. Questions:

    When do I dose again?
    Can 6 week old chicks be given ivermectin? (They are in a brooder in same room as seramas.)
    Is it safe for call ducks? They are in a seperate pen in same room. I gave them each a drop.
    How much is too much? I gave 9 seramas, that were supposed to be wormed a week ago a drop or two of ivermectin. They are new and not sure what they were wormed with. They are seperated but did see bugs.

    What else should I do? These birds are all in off the ground pens in a large screened in room.
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    I'm not familiar with Ducks.

    With my bantys, I just give them a single drop. Not sure what the age minimum is, as long as they have feathers and the dosage is small I think you'd be good :).

    I don't think you can give a chicken too much by just using drops. Of course, for bantys ten drops would be too much, the one drop is probably good.
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