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    I know people have asked about this before, but I can't find any advice that is specific enough for me to feel comfortable administering ivermectin to my birds. (A lot of it seems to vary)
    I have never had to use ivermectin, but I have several birds with scaley leg mite that have not been improving much with topical treatments. I want to use ivermectin, but keep seen different dosages and methods of administration

    I would like to administer orally. Please advise me if you have done this a lot with good results or been advised by a vet as to the dose.

    1. Which ivermectin? For cattle, concentration, etc. Which should I look for - I have noticed that my feed store carries several different kinds.
    2. How much for different size: Bantam Cochin, d'Uccle
    Light laying hens - Leghorn, polish, EE
    Laying hens medium - Rocks, RIR,
    Large hens - Giant Cochin, Orpington
    3. When should I repeat treatment?
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    Ok, here is what I have done. I've tried a couple different ways (and always tested it on a 'cull' quality bird first, although the dosages were given to me by others). I use 1% injectable cattle ivermectin. Make sure there are no other medications in it, as I have seen an increase in injectable products for cattle that have ivermectin as well as another wormer.

    On silkies I locate the naked spot underneath the wing and place two drops on the surface of the skin (under each wing). On standards I use 3-4.

    I have also given this orally to birds, three-four drops in mouth for silkies, five for standards. No ill effects. Have also used on a couple ducks.

    I try to use it in rotation with other products (safeguard and piprazine for worming, permethrin etc for mites) in order to prevent resistance.

    I don't know if this helps, and I know this isn't the most exact dosing method, but you can rest assured that ivermectin is a safe wormer that is difficult to OD on.

    I have not tried this on geese.

    Hope this helps.
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    I use the Ivermectin Sheep drench- 10cc per gal and leave it down for about two to three days or so. This can be kind of expensive, but you can find it just about anywhere. I suggest seeing if you can buy one or two dosages from a friend or fellow breeder. It may be cheaper that way. But I succesfully use it on my chickens (ranging from d'Uccles to Black Copper Marans), my turkeys, pheasants, and even peafowl...and if they can take it you know you're safe! I have never used it for SLMites, but it works wonders on worms parasites. And yes, I have used this dosage for 16 years!
    Good luck and merry Christmas!!

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