Ivermectin for treatment of mites/lice?

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    May 29, 2011
    I need to treat my flock for I suspect they have something going on (mites/lice). I am going to thoroughly examine this evening to make sure. I am getting information overload just from browsing the site. So my questions are...Is Ivermectin a good, fast resulting choice and What is the dosage used per bird? What about powdered Seven, GardStar's Garden & Poultry Dust....I have all on hand and just want the easiest and most effective. I have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized & dusted their coop this morning....top & bottom and every corner & crack. Advice from someone more experienced than myself would be appreciated.
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    Poultry Dust (permethrin) is the only one currently labeled for poultry that you mentioned. Sevin works great but labeling changed in 2009, and ivermectin won't work with poultry lice I have read.

    Be sure to retreat at 7 days for mites and 14 days for lice. Also toss all shavings in the nest boxes (and coop), and treat the coop cracks and crevices with liquid permethrin or dust (there are mites that live just in the coop too)- oh reread it and you did this already. I mention the shavings because if I don't throw out the shavings in the nest boxes they come right back.
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    Thanks for your reply.....I was going to treat tonight but it got too late & the bugs would of carried me away. The morning will work best...I can take them one by one off the roost, treat and toss in the run. I am also going to treat the run too. Thanks again.
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    After you treat the hens and coop, you might want to try putting wood ash from the fireplace in their areas that they like for dustbathing. It is a cheap and natural method of control.

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