Ivermectin or fenbendazole paste for Gape Worm

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    My seabright banty roo has gape worm. Every post I read is different. First I read to use fenbendazole paste now I'm reading to use Ivermectin! I've treated for 2 days with fenbendazole paste. He does not seem to be getting any better and I am seriously thinking I will lose him soon. What is the right thing to use and when do you typically see results!! I am desperate! Can I dose him with the Ivermectin if that's what he needs? HELP!
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    Ivermectin pour on will kill gapeworm...3 drops on bare skin, on the back of the neck. To check for gapeworm; use a Q-tip and gently stick it one inch down its throat, gently swab and pull it out. If you see a red in color "Y" shaped worm(s) on the Q-tip...you'll have your answer.
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    Wondering, does anyone know if this would be the only dose needed? I noticed dawg53 has not been on here for quite awhile.

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