Ivomec For Scaly Leg Mites - 1/4cc Correct Dosage?

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    Apr 1, 2010
    We have Buffs and I'm pretty sure that they have scaly leg mites. From what I've read on here, 1/4cc is the correct dosage to give regular sized birds. I just want to confirm that this is correct before giving it to them. Also, how many days do you need to throw their eggs away after giving them the Ivomec? Any help would be great.

    I will also clean the coop thoroughly and am going to try to get some of the Orange spray to spray all over the coop - that one person suggested, as well as some powder to sprinkle in their run and on them, and will also be soaking their feet/legs in epsom salt and scrubbing gently, then putting some Menthol Camphor on them too. I want to cover all of the bases.

    We're leaving for town soon, so any help right away would so much appreciated. I really appreciate the resources that I've found in this forum.
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    Gonna give you a bump cause I am not sure.

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