J&D Farms (chat thread)

Apr 27, 2019
So, my brother and I have started a small poultry farm on the East Coast of NC, in Maysville. We had chickens for awhile and got rid of em about 3 yrs ago. Then we had one chicken, an EE named MEC (first letters of three names) that my friend let us have, so she went broody, and seeing that made me want chickens again. That batch didn't hatch as we only had her around and no roo. Then our neighbor gave us an Americana roo, and we penned them up together, and there was no stoppin us then. So we ordered a couple of chicks from hoovers hatchery, and then we got back some of the originals that we got rid of 3 yrs ago. Now we are looking to start breeding Blue Laced Red Wyandottes towards the SOP, and we are also going to breed Lavender Orpingtons to the SOP, those are the two breeds that we are going to start breeding as soon as we get some eggs, we have found breeders for both breeds that are almost SOP, and we plan to buy eggs from them as soon as we get the money for em! So we will post each and every update on this thread for yall to see! Cant wait to get started!
Weve got some hatching goin on, well, were in a small break right now. It is a staggered hatch, and we just took the chicks from the first hatch out of the bator, and put them in the brooder. Next hatch is on Monday, locked down the bator again today. We are hatching mixes that have already been sold, these are filling orders. I will get pics as soon as i can.

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