Jackpot! Free garage and shed to tear down!

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    How could I say, "No?" [​IMG] We spent around $2,000. building our 12' x 16' coop. [​IMG] It was all new lumber and material, because we were in a hurry. [​IMG] Well, now with these new buildings to tear down, it is like an open invitation to enlarge the flock. [​IMG] Don't you agree? There were 5 buildings, I got the last 2.

    It is a 2 1/2 car garage, and a shed about 14' x 14' . Probably enough lumber to build exactly what I want, which is .... oh heck, I don't even know what I want. I just couldn't pass it up. They are old, and some of the lumber is the old rough cut type. Lots of 2" x 12" used on the siding. Alot of plywood on the inside, as well as an attic in each one. There are even 4" x 4" fence posts there. Now, if I didn't have to buy hardware cloth, I could nearly make a coop for nothing but sweat! Yea, and as soon as my bruised finger heals a bit (from hitting it VERY hard with a hammer), I am gonna get back at it!

    Send me building plans ..... PLEASE ! ! !
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    cool congrats on the find sorry i dont have any plans for ya though
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    Kathy ...Plans...Let your mind go crazy, once you look at coops in here!! Thats what I was telling someone....if you dont have money for a coop....place an Ad...saying you will do small projects and remove old lumbar, tin, windows, etc..or tear down a small shed...in return for you keeping the stuff.

    thats awesome good luck
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    Don't have any plans but I would check out some of the BYC coops....go to the page COOP DESIGNS, link is on the very top, above the banner. Some have multiple pictures of the steps of the building process.That may give you an idea. Also, you could kind of 'reconstruct' the coop you already have....look at it, how is it build, can you use that (maybe make it wider or deeper by a few feet). I am the 10 thumb, lazy, limited tool type and always try to use as much lumber that I don't have to cut....standard sizes like 8' or 10' etc...

    Good luck, congrats on the good find.....and I see many more chickens in your future...[​IMG]
  5. WOW !!! Congrats on the lumber!!![​IMG] Don't have any plans but there are alot of cool ideas here!!! I too see more chickens in your future [​IMG]
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    12 x 16 and you want a bigger one???? You have to be going into the business for sure. Keep ventilation in mind because a coop that is too tight will cause unhealthy chickens. Old saying is that the healthiest chickens are raised in the sorriest coops.
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    Oh man, I have been soooo busy! I don't know which way to turn! Darn if I didn't HAVE to have a 40 hour a week job, I could sure get more done! [​IMG] (Oh, and I just hatched my first duck. Not for me, it is the neighbor's. 6 more due next week!)

    Still tearing down the buildings, BUT, I got one little Silkie coop done! Well, the build is done. None of the paint is done, etc. It is 6' x 8' and it is 4' tall with sloped shed style (free) corrugated metal-tin roofing. I did have to buy the hardware cloth. I put in a pop door, a human door, and another door on the end for clean out. I will get pictures tomorrow, in the daylight. Was in too big a hurry to photo as I built. Thinking now I may change out one area, for a window.

    Ventilation, aahhh yes. That is one main focus that I consider. Any ideas for like a large house (I mean coop) with separated areas, for possible breeding pens? I am thinking a walkway in the middle, with pens on each side. Each to have a pop door to a run. Does that make sense? I dunno, I will need to think and plan, and probably start the build in the spring.

    All ideas and suggestions welcomed here!
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    holy crap nice , now whats your address again LOL haha
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