Jacksonville FL Area Starter Pullets for Sale. I will not ship

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    Jun 21, 2009
    I would like to sell 12 of my variety pack. All hatched 6/14. All of them are pullets. I have 2 RIR, 2 Welsummers, 2 comets, 2 austrolopes, 2 jersey giants. 3 white might be Leghorns not sure (friendly not flighty) 1 barred rock. (all of these pullets are pretty friendly and like to eat out of my hands) all were fed medicated feed and were vaccinated.

    I also have 1 Silver laced Wyandotte Hatched 5/4 and I think an australope Pullet (all black) also hatched 5/4 and a Roo Barred Rock half Silver Laced Wyandotte same hatch 5/4.

    In addition I have Bantams hatched 1/4/10 Black Cochin Roo and Two Black Cochin Pullets (good layers) and a Beautiful Barred Cochin Roo
    Please Call me if you have any questions


    [​IMG] [​IMG][/img]
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    Which birds are those that you posted pictures of ? ? ?

    Where did your variety pack come from ? ?
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