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  1. cindiparrothead

    cindiparrothead New Egg

    May 18, 2007
    I have taken in several " foster" ducks/geese over the past year. I need to find homes for some of them so I can help take in new fosters as needed. These ducks have had a safe place - no snapping turtles in my pond, & I have great pyrs to protect from predators. .. It will be hard to give them up as I have become attached to them -- If you have a safe farm and would like to have some ducks for pets please email me and tell me about your farm. Thanks.
  2. Bitty girl

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Hey I can help you out on some of them. I have a pond that I have ducks running around now in. I have enough space to take some ducks & depending on what type of geese I may have a friend that can help you out on those. I know she has some & she is always looking for more. You can either email me or call me. If you are still looking for homes for them. Thanks.

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