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    The FALL poultry event is held this Sunday Nov. 29 from 9AM-1PM at the parking lot of:

    Bent Creek Feed
    10777 103rd St
    Jacksonville, FL
    (904) 777-3838

    Located about a block East of Chaffee/Brannan Field/SR 23.

    Bring your chickens, livestock, crafts, yard sale items, and most importantly yourselves!

    The store is typically not open on Sundays, but they will be open for us and has advertisied this to their customers.

    Those who are selling: Park in the Bent Creek Feed Store parking lot. If you prefer or would like to be nice, drop your stuff off in a spot and park next door.

    Those who are buying/looking: Please park in the strip center parking lot next door, so that we can have room at Bent Creek for the vendors.

    Please note:
    Bent Creek is a small family run business, they appreciate you guys showing up and don't mind letting you use their bathroom, etc. Please be courteous to them, the only money they make from this is whatever you buy from them. They aren't typically open on Sundays. So support them, they are helping support you! By the way, they stock an impressive selection of hard to find medications at reasonable prices. And please, always clean up after yourself-throw trash away, etc. I can proudly say we have left their parking lot as clean as we found it at all the past swaps. GOOD JOB !

    And most importantly--Tell a friend and HAVE FUN!

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