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    Thought I'd post this here since I received the info today.

    Chickens/Ducks would be allowed. As farm animals. On a property that is more than 3 acres and is a declared a "farm"
    They are happy to send you the form and seem willing to help you wade through the mess to make your property a farm.

    since it’s over 3 acres, you would be allowed, HOWEVER, you would need to get Planning Board site plan approval to be considered a “farm.” They are defined as farm animals and to have a farm, the parcels are required to be of 3 acres or more. So, since the parcel would be big enough, you’d have to get approved for it to be considered a farm (we don’t have any agricultural districts) and then they would be allowed. Site Plan Review starts at $250 with an engineering fee that ranges between $300-6,000 depending on the project. We’d have you come in and review the application with our Director, Sam Gordon, who would then decide how much that engineering fee would be.
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    Good info! We have another law in my Country (Canada) .....and it's called the "Right to Farm" Act. It's worth checking to see if you also have that law in your country. I am currently in a bit of a dispute with our regional district because I can't be declared a "farm" until I have $2,500.00 in sales (not profit) however, the "Right to Farm" act supersedes other laws.....it's just whether you want to fight city hall or not, here. I prefer to follow the rules.

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