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    Apr 7, 2016
    Hello all Japanese Quail Breeders in Australia and the everywhere else, I am looking for breeders within Australia preferably Victoria or South Australia. I would like to start getting the Japanese Quail more well known and make them included more often at poultry and bird shows both in the city and country. I think there also needs to be some sort of a standard established about characteristics we should all require with the quail we are breeding such as feathers, size, legs,toes etc and the list goes on but Im talking about "a true type" so that when we are showing we are aiming toward the same goal and breeding to enhance the qualities instead of breeding birds with deformities or diseases or defects. I am also interested in buying a pair of show quality Jap Quails from Victoria so that my bloodlines won't be interbred.
    If you have a pair of show quality Japs please get back to me. If you know about there also an established "type" of Quail to represent the Jap Quail please let me know who I can contact to get this information.
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