japanese and serema bantams

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    Sep 16, 2012
    ok i have been reading up on different breeds of ornamental bantams and i can't see any difference between the two different breeds. Or have they got different names in other countries
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    I believe the Japanese Bantam is part of the foundation stock from which the Serama was created, so some similarity is only natural. If you really want to know how Japanese and Serama are different, you should read the breed standards of each, which will describe desirable traits in detail. There are many specific points in which they differ. One example is leg length. The Japanese is supposed to have very short legs. The gene that causes the short legs is actually a lethal gene, and the creators of the American Serama are trying to breed away from it. Legs on the Serama are supposed to be long enough that the feet are clearly visible below the wing tip (the wings being naturally held in a vertical position). Legs that long are more likely to be the result of the bird not having the short leg gene. The Japanese Bantam has a more or less horizontal body carriage; Serama are supposed to be very upright. These are just a couple of differences, there are others.
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    like size.

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