Japanese Bantams...I need some words of wisdom here...

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    Hi There! I'm looking into getting a few more banties to spoil rotten in my backyard this spring. I LOVE the seramas but I'm a little afraid that they may be too fragile for living outside year round? I do have a nice cozy barn with hay but no electric. Sooo, I'm also considering the Japanese Bantams(from mypetchicken.com) seem to be similar(to a newbie at least) but maybe not so tiny and a little more practical for me? Also thinking about adding some silkies into the mix so then I'll have frizzles, silkies, and maybe japanese bantams....oh the possiblities to cute little fluffy babies![​IMG] But...before I get ahead of myself...what do you guys think? If I did hatch babies would there be people who wanted them? Or is this just my own little designer chicken idea that no one else would give a hoot about? Thoughts please.[​IMG] Thanks, Keri
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    I have Japanese bantams, they are among my favorites (soft spot for my cochins as well). they are fairly friendly, easy to pick up/handle (even the ones i hatched myself that i did not handle a lot), and they are so pretty to look at!! it gets to about -5ish on our cold nights, i do have a heat lamp in their coop, but its not so close that it dose a lot, and they would be fine without it (only put it up when i got below -5 for a few days)

    as for mixed breed chicks i would probably hatch with the intention of keeping, in case no one else wants them, but who knows?
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