Japanese Cochin Banty fertilizing RIR/Del sex linked hens

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    Oct 7, 2008
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    First of July Japanese/Cochin Banty hen went broody. Fine, I have a Japanese/Cochin Banty rooster, so I thought, no problem...I'll have some Banty cochin/japanese chicks.
    I have two RIRXDel sex linked hens that I was told would NOT be fertilized by the Banty Roo.
    Well, no chicks have hatched. I collected the eggs from my Broody Banty hen and ALL the eggs had bloody fetuses. So the Banty roo fertilized the RIRX Del hen's eggs too.
    What to do? I don't want to use incubator. Just let her keep sitting on the clutch to see if eggs hatch?
    There are several other nests, so I am not even sure why the RIR are laying eggs in the banty's nest.
    So I guess size doesn't matter...the banty roo has no trouble fertilizing the regular sized hens.

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