japanese sebright bantams


Sep 16, 2015
i have 5 japanese bantam/sebright mixes. they are not as pretty as i'd hoped. they took after the japanese bantam who is white. they do have hen feathering and rose combs. however they do have quite a color variety concidering their parents. the two roosters are whiter than their father who has a slight gold tint and lemon wing patches. the roosters are streaked with black. my biggest hen is a pale grayish color with gold clear gold streaks on her a neck and some on her back. and a small patch of black streaks at the base of her neck. my medium hen is an off white color with random gold streaks. the most interesting one and least like either parent is the smallest. she is a wierd dark grayish, brownish, goldish sort of color with these little patches that give her a kind of cloudy appearance. i bred them myself so i what is in them. however the japanese bantam was a rescue. he is white with lemon wing patches and a gold tint to the white, so though i am possitive he is a japanese bantam i do not know what colors are in his breeding, so the chicks could have gotten their coloration from their grandparents. also they are only about 23 weeks but my biggest rooster chick is crowing clear as day. he should not be able to but he is. he's younger than my rocks who'll reach a year in april and they are not crowing yet. the chicks will reach a year in june.
4 out of 5 have hatched so far, and they are all black (maybe dark gray, they haven't finished fluffing) with some degree of yellow on the face around the eyes. The mother is a golden sebright, rooster is a white with black tail Japanese. Not what I was expecting at all!


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