Jelly egg.. sick pigeon?

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    Oct 24, 2009
    OK, so this is something I have never seem before in my pigeons.

    One female had an egg in the nest for a couple of days before I noticed. I had to throw it away as it was very dirty, covered in dried blood and poop. The female pigeon seemed ill, with droopy wings and lethargic. I thought she was egg bound, so I gave her treatment for that... trimmed her vent feathers, used warm water and steam to relax her vent muscles, gave her fluids and some drops of mineral oil in the vet to help the egg pass.

    But nothing happened. After a week she seemed to get better so I returned her to the loft.

    Now, about 10 days later, I go in the coop this morning to see she is standing over an egg. When I pick up the egg its got no shell.. its like a jelly egg, only having a membrane. It was disgusting... but it was clean and no blood on it.

    The bird seems OK.

    Do I need to worry? (I am always worrying about my birds).

    Is this due to a disease or diet or something wrong with her internally? She is about 1 year old and this is the first time she has attempted to nest and breed.

    In several years keeping pigeons and chickens I have never had this problem.

    The pigeons main diet is mixed grains and chicken LAYER pellets. They also have minerals and oyster shell grit.

    But maybe she is not eating the foods with calcium in them?

    Any advise very welcome. Thanks.
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    Thank you for that in detail reply. You have set me mind at rest somewhat.

    It was indeed her first clutch. She is a very late bloomer as I bough her and her nest mate as a young adults about almost a year ago. Her sister has already had 2 clutches and raised 4 squabs.

    I threw away the bloody egg as it was really covered in LOTS of dried blood, veins and dirk.. and I mean like it was dipped in the stuff in a thick coat!

    I think you are right about her doing herself some damage inside, that is why the egg was bloody, and probably why the 2nd egg took so long to come out and it was with no shell.

    I hope she will do better nest time. I have decided to cage her up with her mate in a large dog crate with the nest in there. That way I can feed her away from the other birds and make sure she is eating the chicken layer pellets and not just selecting a few seeds she likes the best.

    I will let you know what happens next time she has some eggs.
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