Jelousy rising, could be pregnancy hormones :-S

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  1. I see everyone talking about hearing their eggs and chicks peeping. No matter how hard I try, I cannot hear ANYTHING.[​IMG]

    Well, Im deaf, LOL. NO, Im usually not jelouse easily over things like that, like i said, could be pregnancy hormones since Im 24 weeks along. [​IMG] But how much I WISH I could hear them peep! [​IMG]
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    its ok, be calm...take a deep you know how long Ive waited for mine to start up!!!! I left town on day 18...came back day 19th..and I swear I could hear pips...DH said nope...its you...sigh...ok...that was 830pm SURE ENOUGH!!! I knew ...."I"...was right [​IMG] this is now late night

    so my very first one 220pm THE NEXT 2nd one hatched almost 730pm that night...!!! so you see...its along wait....
  4. LOL, the thing isn't being impatient to hear them. I will NEVER hear them [​IMG] I am profoundly deaf. Hearing aids help me hear some stuff but nothing as low as a chick peeping. [​IMG]

    oh well [​IMG]
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    Just think how jealous we all are...Your hearing is bad enough you wont hear the REALLY obnoxious whining the kids will be doing for the next 8 years or so.

    Besides, once you hear them peeping, you think you always hear a peep--in the car, at work, when you are sleeping...
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    but can you see the eggs wiggle and rocking and rolling? That's the best part for me. The little tweets are cute, but I love to see them wiggle.
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    yup!!! you look down, not a moment, dead look away, hear something...look down....still look away...loud noise, you run to bator...nothing, still...then you barely turn and stand FOREVER looking at the bator side ways..and just when your tired of standing there hmmm 30-45mins...[​IMG] and you say Im walking SEE IT!!!! and then your excited so YOU STAND ANOTHER 45MINS see it AGAIN...[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Quote:Not yet, they aren't that far along yet. I thought would be up to 10 days old but Im not sure. I did some candling today and took pictures. As soon as my friend gets home, Im going to ask her to transfer from cam to USB to hook up to my computer to show them off, and see if anyone can make a guess. Im thinking 5 days hold now but not sure. If counting the time they been in the incubator, it'll be 5 days. The day they been laid, it woud be 11 days.
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    You start the 21 day count after you put them in the incubator, if you put them in that morning that counts as day 1, If you put them in later then count the following day as day 1. You won't see a pip or hear a peep until day 19-21 and once those babies are out you will be wishing they would stop peeping LOL. Hang in there
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    You count from the days you have set them in the incubator. The eggs are "on hold" when not heated up to the right temps. Plus, it will be a while before you hear peeping, at 5 days, vocal cords are a ways to be developed. You won't hear any peeping until they internally pip, which is usually day 19-20 or so.

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