Jersey Giant am I a HEN!! or Roo???


11 Years
Nov 13, 2008
Ashville, Alabama
They were suppose to be a hen and roo the splash to me is a roo. But the blue was suppose to be a hen but she is starting to get a few sickle feathers around her tail. Can you tell anything from these pictures? If not what should I try to get in the picture?
Thanks for any help

How old? I think its a pullet, mine had more longer tail feathers than that. For your sake I hope more say pullet...
i had a hen and a roo. yours looks henish to me. especially at five months. my rooben was starting to crow already. my only issue with my roo, is that he was SUPER friendly as a chick, i was convinced he was a she for the longest time. i even blamed the crowing on others until i saw him in action! he was the best!!
Good I hope she is a she she isn't as big as the splash roo and his comb and wattles are a lot bigger. Just worried some of the feathers were laying weird..

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