Jersey Giant Bald Butt X 2


Jun 11, 2009
I have a problem with my Jersey Giants, very similar to someone who posted here in 2017. The biggest hen had a bald butt for weeks but didn't seem bothered. She didn't tend to perch with the others, I thought because of her size, but instead went to a low nesting box at night. She laid absolutely huge double yolk eggs. One day the bald butt went very red and swollen. I brought her inside and called my vet. She came to see her and said she'd never seen anything that bad, and that if she was egg bound it was probably too late to save her. She thought the chook had peritonitis and very possibly a mummified egg. Despite meds the next day it was so much worse, and the poor chook couldn't even lay down. We ended up putting her down. Now, several weeks later (after cleaning out the coop) another, smaller, Jersey Giant has a bald butt - not red, and she's still laying, AND she's also started sleeping in a nesting box instead of perching (no idea if that's related). What IS this???? Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks for any feedback.

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