Jersey Giant hen???


8 Years
May 17, 2011
J Bro
Hi, I'm a new chicken owner and have a beautiful Black Jersey Giant rooster and what I was told when I bought her, was a Jersey Giant hen. Her feathers are just like his (silky, shiny black irredesent) and their legs are black. I read, however, that their eyes are supposted to be dark brown or black. His are black but hers are sort of orange. She also has kind of a "beard" which I think is adorable! I have looked at so many photos online, but because I am new, a lot of them look alike to me. They are both beautiful, healthy and seem very happy in the two weeks I have had them. She has also layed 5 eggs that we are so excited about. Any insight is so apprecitated. Jersey Giant? or something else???
No, I wish I did. Yes, her beard is prominant. I thought she might be an americauna but her eggs are brown, not blue. Oh, and she has a comb if that helps any.
What does the comb look like like? Jersey Giants should have single combs. If it has a pea comb, then it is probably an EE(easter egger). They can lay brown eggs, too.
I think it is a single comb. Now I am going to have to learn the difference in combs. Not sure what a pea comb is but will find out! The bottoms of her feet do look kind of pinkish. No breads???!!! I have been giving them both a little bread every once in a while as treat. Oh no! I knew not to give them potato skins. I have read and researched even before I got them but I still learn something new every day. Even if she is not a JG...they both make a cute couple. But now, I don't know what there chicks will be!
I have Black JG & Austrolorps ... both breeds have dark brown eyes. With the beard and orange eyes I would say she is a mix.

JG..yellow feet & Austrolorps pink feet.

Enjoy them !
big_smile.png beards!!! I'm cracking up at that one.
Thanks so much for everyone's input! Now, let me see if I can figure out how to put her new pics on here. This is my first time posting!

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