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    Mar 14, 2013
    I have 1 Jersey Giant rooster and 3 Jersey hens. I use to have 2 roosters of this breed. I had to give one away to a good home as he was always on my hens. At the time I had no idea I had 3 roos 2 Jersey and one Bantam. Now my other Jersey is beautiful and getting big and I am glad I have him he is protective of my hens. He will come up and eat out of my hand and then at times out of the blue he will full out chase after me when my back is turned and do this little hop side kick. so far I have had boots and or pants on so I do not get hurt. If I turn to face him he back off a little a few time he has still come at me. I do not feel scared but am not sure why now he is doing this. I have had him since March and gave the other one away in May. he is not rough with the hens nor the dogs he will chase the dogs but stop after awhile. someone told me to try and pick him up at night when he is in the coop on the roost. I am a bit worried to try this as he is big. Does he think I pose a threat to him.? I do not want to get rid of him but we have a home landscaping business and sometimes we have children. All my chickens free range and at times they are up in the customer area. He has never gone after anyone but me and my son. He will give me the stare down which is funny but about a hour ago I went to check on everybody as we had a big storm and on my way past the coop to check on the goats he charged me. Again my back was to him and when I turned he kinda back off. He got close enough that if I wanted to I could have kicked him. I do not do that I Just stop and talk to him and walk towards him. When the hens come running to me he will come to and he is not in the " Im the boss mod"
    Any ideas or advice would be great.
    I should add if it is at all helpful there are 11 hens that are growing and 4 that are laying and 12 recently recieved hen chicks of diffrent varieties. These chicks during the day are in a secure fenced in run and the other chickens can see them. I feel like he got that way about the time I got them. But hubby thinks I mentiond this behavior a little before the new chicks arive.
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