Jersey Giants in South Africa


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Hi, I'm a smallholder in South Africa and desperately looking to buy some Jersey Giants. Does anyone know of someone breeding them in South Africa? Alternatively, could one import them and what would be required to do that?
try or just rugarepoultry they have eags as well as chicks and point of lay they exspensive but they have check them out.
Is there a web padge for this guy as this link you provide only goes to a advert with phone number and the add say nothing about Jersey Gaints....
Hi Hannes,

They dont have a website yet, but they do get stock in quite regularly, i havent seen Jersey giants there but if they are around i am sure he will know how to get them. He is a very nice guy and i am sure can help out.


Is there a E-mail address for them then as that is easyer as our land lines is not good from here....
Hi Hannes, i am not sure about an email address, he is an old fashioned farmer

Let me know where about you are, i will gladly speak to Hendrik for you, as i speak to him and see him often. Even if he doesn't have the JG's i am sure he will be able to point out who does, maybe even in your area.

Just let me know the specifics(do you want adults, chicks or eggs), and i will ask him when i speak to him next:)

I am Actualy looking for a number of breed though it is not to show or for profit just my own enjoyment.I also dont have a lardge budget to spend on buying stocks always.I live in Tarkastad in the Eastern Cape Between Cradock and Quenstown.
I am intrested in Easter eager (Araucana's) ,Jersey Gaints (white , black or splash),Lakenvelders,Wyandottes,Faverolles,Silkies (any color) ,Houdan,
Sussex (porcelain AMeraucana,Bearded d,Uccle. Also Gianea Fawl like slate,choclate, blue, grey,slate ext. It can be either chicks ,full grown or eags as I have an encubator......Thanks Hannes

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