Jersey woolie baby bunny pics

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by asher, May 12, 2010.

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    We started with 6 in one litter and are left with two. Had a new cage and they crawled out of the hutch when too young and four perished. :-(

    We have these two cuties left, though. Mama is REW and daddy is grayish (I cannot remember the correct name for his color and do not have his pedigree right here). They are cute little things. [​IMG] The one on the left almost has a chinchilla look to it while the other seems more of a light gray.

    This is one from the 2nd litter, another REW mama, same daddy. One of the babies seems more white and the other a light gray. This is the lighter one..I think! haha

    I forgot how to sex rabbits and they are so furry...yeah...I just cannot figure it out. The bigger ones need to be separated SOON so I need to figure that out SOON, I suppose!

    Thanks for looking! :)
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    OMG they are too cute!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Cute babies. you might want to add some baby saver wire around the edges of the cage next time. its the same stuff thats uses for the flooring. Put up about 4-5 inches high on each side. Also might want to invest in some nest boxes they wouldn't be able to crawl out of. though mine have managed to crawl out of the metal ones with the high sides.
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    awe, very adorable, love their color!! i have plush lops and mini rex babies due any day from 4 does. 2 mom's have started pulling fur, i can't wait for babies. [​IMG] i have 3 dutch babies 5 weeks old now, can't believe they r that old already,lol. sometimes the does come out the hutch and drag the babies out that r still nurseing, i have lost babies from that before cuz they get out and get cold and mom's can't pick them up to put in nest like a cat or dog can. nest boxes r great but my girls won't use them, they would hide them between nest and wall on the floor still. we had to put like a 4" board across the door so they wouldn't bring them out with them when they went into the run. hardware cloth around the bottom helped also and some just 2 x 4's along side the nests screwed in as a barrior helped so when they went over it the babies dropped back in the nest and detached from mom's. our one hutch with chicken nest boxes with lips on them work good too. hope that helps with some more ideas maybe to try. i hate looseing them to.[​IMG]
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    Quote:I actually changed cages and made new ones completely. The cages with hutches that I had them in will now only be for non bred does, bucks or young rabbits. I do have nesting boxes that I normally put in with my does, but this was a new cage/hutch that my aunt had given me and the next boxes did not fit in the hutch part.
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    Jersey Woolies - my favorite fuzzballs! Hooray!

    The darker kit in the first picture is either a chinchilla, or an agouti patterned siamese sable (what some people call a "bad" chin). I can't tell from the pic whether it's the "correct" chin gene or not. The lighter one looks like a frosted to me, both too light in some places and too dark in others to be a squirrel (dilute chinchilla).

    The bun in the second picture is a bit trickier. I'm going out on a limb to guess - smoke pearl marten?
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    awwwwwwwwww. [​IMG]

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