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    I have a beautiful blue roo over 2 black hens. My fertility has been tested and I have had 1 black chick hatch out of the first eggs they ever laid, and have more due to hatch on the 2nd that are growing. All eggs i've put in the incubators are growing.

    I am getting 2 eggs a day. One hen has been laying for a month, one has been laying for a little over a week. Of course, that could change if either of them get a bug up their butts.

    I have eggs promised for this week going out on monday the 1st. I will collect your eggs from Tuesday til Monday and ship your eggs out on Monday the 8th. I am anticipating at least 10. It could be less, but i'm hoping not.

    If you would like eggs not during this date range, just pm me and i can collect for when you want them.

    ROO came from Bobbi Porto, Hens came from Poultryhaven.

    Just a side note: My JG's freerange during the day with a little sizzle. He is my main yardbird roo, but i have never seen him even try to get to the giants. I've seen him fall off the back of the americana, so i figured the giants were a no go...although it'd be funny to see him try. The 1 baby I just hatched has no feathered feat, and looks just like a giant so I know the sizzle didnt' get to them. Just wanted to let you know there was a possibility...although i think it's probably like .0000001 percent that cross breeding happened.

    Payment by Friday the 5th plz.

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    Quote:funny visual!![​IMG]

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