JGs - what do you get when you cross white x black?


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
I'm going to end up having a white JG roo and black JG hens - what color will the chicks be?

Also, what do splash chicks look like? I got some supposedly splash JG eggs that all hatched out black chicks (2 weeks old, so yet to really feather out). Did I get gypped and buy black eggs when I thought I was getting splashes? Or could they lighten?
If your chicks look black, they aren't splash. Splash usually hatches yellow, sometimes with a bit of a silvery blue tint here and there. At two weeks, you would see white feathers coming in. Is it possible they are a dark blue? If the breeder had splash hens with a black rooster, 100% of the chicks would be blue.

With your white roo over black hens....if the white is recessive, you'll get black offspring, but they'll be carrying that recessive white. Breed the black offspring back to the white roo & you'll get some whites. Not sure what happens if the white is dominant.

Oh, and I owe you an email...I haven't forgotten (we've been chatting about golden cuckoo Marans).
I'm guessing they're all blacks and I got gypped. Oh, well, at least I had a 100% hatch rate with them (shipped eggs). Just means that I will still be searching for splashes (I want BLUE!!!).

And I guess I'll play with the whites and blacks. I'm not sure why I got the white JG roo - just a whim, I guess. Hopefully he'll be big and pretty

And it's nice to meet you on BYC
Nice to "meet" you, too!

Well, a 100% hatch rate is awesome, but it's not so cool that you didn't get the color birds you were after. Might be worth it to shoot the seller an email or something and see what they say. Maybe the seller mixed up your order with eggs from other pens and would be willing to ship you some splash eggs?

Someone will come along and give you some better genetics info on the white over black than I can. I actually use a white roo in one of my cuckoo (silver) pens because he came from great egg color and has better type than any cuckoo roo I've ever bred. Because none of my hens are carrying recessive white, I get all cuckoo offspring from this pen. One day, when I have more space (ha ha), I'll breed back a daughter(s) to the white roo and get more white birds (because his daughters are now carrying recessive white).

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